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The 20th anniversary of the death of Deng Xiaoping, reform and opening up a strong China

February 20, is the 20th anniversary of the death of the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, known as China’s “reform and opening up and modernization of the chief architect,” changed China, the development of China, a strong China and the world The

Deng Xiaoping died 20 years, but still live in the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.

He is from the reality of China, standing in the height of the times, to clarify the need to deepen the reform, personally design the blueprint for reform, including economic reform, political reform, military reform, social progress for China and accelerate modernization has played a vital Promote the role.

“Emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts”, which is the philosophical basis of Deng Xiaoping Theory. As early as 1920, 16-year-old Deng Xiaoping will not travel thousands of miles to work-study in France, nearly six years so that he not only accepted the Marxist and embarked on the road of revolution, but also let him see the world’s developed countries, Disadvantages, bright and dark different faces.

 Deng Xiaoping in 1932 as the Communist Party of China Ruijin county party secretary, they insisted on killing the Communist Party of China since the founding of the first corrupt elements – Xie step up. He said: “In the whole process of reform and opening up to oppose corruption, for cadres and Communists, clean government building to be a major task.”

His life “people-oriented, people as parents”, always with the “public servant” heart spared no effort to the heart of the child for the people, make every effort to reward the people’s parenting. In an interview with foreign media, Deng Xiaoping said emotionally: “I am the son of the Chinese people, I love to love my country and the people.

He was the first national leader to visit Japan and the United States, visited and exchanged the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship, effectively promoted the normalization of China and the United States, and Deng Xiaoping was in the process of brewing China’s modernization Big strategy in the process of doing the journey.

While easing the threat from the northern strong neighbors – the Soviet Union, and the promotion of Sino-US relations even more open to China and Western countries for ten years of “honeymoon period.” This period of imports of advanced weapons and equipment for the People’s Liberation Army to achieve modernization of equipment has made important contributions.

He decisively decided in 1977 to resume the 10-year college entrance examination system. Then there are more than 570 million candidates into the closed more than 10 years of college entrance examination. Not only changed the fate of generations, more China’s reform and opening up to achieve the development of the development of human resources to protect.

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