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Taiwanese pop stars is back in Genting again

Friday, 7 April 2017 :  In a recent phone interview from Taiwan – where the two are based – Huang, 53, entertained Malaysian media with her incessant teasing of Hsiao, 40, who is still single.

Huang, who performs in Malaysia every year, said she is delighted to work with Hsiao again. “I really wish we could come and play here together every year. It’s taken us three years because we are both very busy.

Echoing Huang’s thoughts, Hsiao added that he always enjoyed their collaborations: “We’ve got great stage chemistry, so we don’t really need to do any rehearsals. We just do whatever we feel like doing. So each time we work together, our performance will turn out differently.”

Veteran songstress Huang, who made her name singing in pubs, is best known for her hits like Mei Na Me Jian Dan (Not So Simple) and Ni Shi Wo De Yan (You Are My Eyes), both written for her by Hsiao, a multiple award-winning songwriter.

Hsiao, who recently released a new Hokkien album, said he is already working on his next music project, while preparing for the Genting show.

On what to expect for their upcoming show, Hsiao teased: “We’ve got a special guest. But, we can’t tell you who it is. We want it to be a surprise for everyone.”

Despite repeated prodding, Hsiao would not tell who they had in mind, and spoke instead about the updated songlist for their set. “This time, we’ve got more new songs because we’ve released new albums. We will also perform some songs by Malaysian songwriters. As for our older songs, they will be given new arrangements,” said Hsiao, who became the first blind Mandopop singer to play at Taipei Arena when he held his first solo concert there in October last year.

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