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Sabah’s recent floods also impacted pets, wildlife

KOTA KINABALU: Apart from humans, wildlife and pets were also not spared by the recent flash floods that hit parts of Sabah’s west coast including Penampang, Kinabalu, Putatan and its surrounding areas.

For wildlife rescue rangers, they had a busy couple of days relocating their rescued animals following a landslide which damaged one of their holding facilities at Kg Potuki, Penampang to other places.

Dr Sen Nathan, manager of the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) said that some of the slopes at their rescue centre failed and greatly damaged their wildlife holding areas.

"So, we need to ‘translocate’ the animals to safer facilities as well as to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park nearby," he said, adding the losses faced were estimated to be around RM200,000

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