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Googlers protest removal of Russian app as bend to government

Google employees have joined the slew of politicians and activists blasting the internet giant for pulling a voting app from Russia’s opposition leader, a move critics say showed the company was caving in to the Kremlin.

Staff members complained over the weekend about the Google’s decision in internal forums and on memegen, a messaging board that has served as a breeding ground for protests within the company. Images circulating inside Google, which were viewed by Bloomberg News, spoofed its corporate creed about prioritising users. One picture depicts a man reading a magazine below the slogan, "Putin the user first.”

These internal frustrations are the latest in a series of blows to Alphabet Inc.’s Google operations in Russia, where the company is

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Google to buy Apigee


Friday, 9 September 2016   SAN FRANCISCO:  Alphabet Inc’s Google said it is acquiring cloud software company Apigee Corp in a deal valued at about US$625mil (RM2.5bil) , the tech giant’s latest effort to claim a greater share of the lucrative cloud business. San Jose-based Apigee’s software helps companies’ digital …

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Women’s Brains Are Different. And Google Needs More Of Them.

Thursday, 10 August 2017 :  Former Google engineer James Damore’s controversial memo that led to his firing earlier this week cited evolutionary differences between men’s and women’s brains to criticize Google’s gender diversity efforts and posit that perhaps women are too naturally neurotic and people-oriented to seek out and thrive …

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