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Survey: Unvaccinated people should be denied airline tickets and hotel stays

Unvaccinated people should be denied airline tickets and hotel stays, a recent survey finds.

The majority of respondents (46%) in the United States-centric study by Skynova believe that those who are unvaccinated (by choice) should be completely denied airline tickets while 35% feel that the unvaccinated should be denied hotel stays.

The study was conducted to find out how unvaccinated people should be allowed to acclimatise to normalcy, and whether or not they should they be penalised in any way.

“As governments try to put the nail in this pandemic’s coffin, some people are hesitant to follow instructions – in the form of refusing vaccines,” Skynova said in a post on its website.

The survey polled 1,075 people, including 583 business owners.

Some airlines have actually denied entry to those who are not vaccinated. AirAsia Malaysia made it mandatory earlier this year for only completely vaccinated adult guests to be allowed to board its flights.

“The decision to accept only fully vaccinated guests for boarding is made in the best safety interest of our guests and employees,” AirAsia Malaysia chief executive officer Riad Asmat said in a statement.

That fully vaccinated status is also prized in many governments around the world. Only fully vaccinated travellers are allowed to board trains and ships in countries such as Canada and Hong Kong.

“Vaccination is required for travel within and to depart Canada,” said the Canadian government in an online statement.

“If you fail to provide proof of vaccination (or valid Covid-19 test result if you have an exemption from your carrier), you won’t be allowed to travel and could face penalties or fines,” the country added.

Pay more

The survey by Skynova also suggested that unvaccinated people should pay an additional fee for Covid-19 precautions while visiting a business.

“Respondents felt strongest about unvaccinated people shelling out more money for plane and movie tickets, and many felt the same about restaurant meals and hotel stays, too,” Skynova said.

The study revealed that 67% of vaccinated respondents were in favour of fees for the unvaccinated.

The consensus among respondents was that unvaccinated people should have to pay precautionary Covid-19 fees when visiting a business.

Although two-thirds of people were in agreement, only 12% of business owners seemed to be on the same page.

According to Skynova, there’s a perfectly reasonable answer as to why unvaccinated individuals should pay more for things.

“It costs companies a lot of money to handle a positive test in the workplace, and 62% of business owners reported suffering those consequences. Only 13% of business owners said all of their employees had been vaccinated, and 64% would highly prefer it if their workers and clients were protected,” the company said.

In a typical month in 2021, businesses spent US$132 (RM553) on personal protective equipment, or PPE, to protect their employees against Covid-19.

PPE is commonly used in health care settings, but to ensure the safety of their employees and clients, businesses seemed keen on being just as diligent in their own professional practice.

“As we know, having a positive Covid-19 test in the workplace can be expensive, which is why 43% of brick-and-mortar business owners reported charging a fee in the name of Covid-19 precautions,” Skynova said.

While getting vaccinated is key to end the pandemic, the company said no one is completely safe from the virus.

“As a collective, we need to do everything we can to make sure people can work and shop freely, and put the pandemic behind us once and for all,” the company said. – Chester Chin

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