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Summer’s Hottest Swimsuit Silhouette Is NOT Meant For Swimming

Thursday, 18th May 2017: Off-the-shoulder swimsuits are officially the hottest swimsuit silhouette of the season, mimicking the growing trend we’ve seen in stores, streets and even the White House.

Goop, J.Crew, Asos, Kohl’s and everyone in between are offering their own versions of the trendy top:

While the swimsuits are undeniably cute, they’re clearly meant for sitting around the pool. Since you can’t even raise your arms above your head in these suits, you wouldn’t want to try to out-swim a shark in such a getup.

Clearly not all swimsuit are meant for swimming, but these somewhat ridiculous tops would make it tough to even apply sunscreen (and they’d leave behind a pretty nasty tan line, too).

But if you’re cool with weird tan lines and not being able to swim, more power to you. Below are a few of our favorites:

J. Crew


Luxe by Lisa Vogel



Jessica Simpson

Free People

J. Crew 

Charlotte Russe

Adriana Degreas


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