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Summer Bohemian fashion style

Wednesday, 1 March 2017 :  In this year’s fashion industry and even the entire fashion industry, Bohemian style out of style.

It is a strong color, complicated design, swaying tassels can always bring the mysterious atmosphere and visual shock, is the romantic dress, folklore, liberal representatives.

Bohemia, the original meaning of the bold Gypsy and decadent culture of people. But in this cumbersome and impetuous society, people need spiritual sustenance.

Bohemian style is a view of life: with simple interpretation of simple and elegant, with a colorful interpretation of natural purity.

Filed Bohemian style, that color mottled and elegant dress naturally presented in front of people. Set of luxury, personality, refined as one of the Bohemian dress beauty favored by the people.

Walking in the streets of Yangcheng Avenue, a variety of Bohemian style clothing store competing flirtatious, those styles of different dress more eye-catching. Inadvertently, there may be Bohemian style girl oncoming, that charming and uninhibited image always gives a deep impression.This summer, Bohemian style not to be missed, Yangcheng girl has always been the trend of fashion representatives, will naturally put this style in the end.

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