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It may only be the winter now and the days might be getting colder, shorter and more miserable by the day, but it is the fashion styles of the spring season that keep us going, the anticipation of wearing them out and holding onto those hilariously awesome bags or those chic clutches, the sophisticated pieces and the more animated designs. We were watching the Fashion Week runway shows with quite a bit of enchantment, our eyes trained on those handbags that came in different colors, materials and sizes. It certainly was a sight to behold. They are probably the most anticipated items to become a part of our daily ensembles from New York and Paris, Milan and London, where each major fashion city brought in a very different set of awesome creativity. For now though, all we can really do is wait until the time comes to be rocking these loveliest of spring/ summer 2016 handbag trends.

#1: Animal Buddy Bags

The most fun a woman can have without actually carrying around a pet is probably by carrying around a pet-shaped handbag this coming season. Designers have decided that animal shaped handbags are a hoot and a must-have on the runway, a rather hilarious piece that they expect many women to begin carrying about. Want to carry about a dog but do not have one? No problem! A woven Dalmatian can be seen at Kate Spade and we do not think we can go without; nor can we sit back and not enjoy those hilarious bumblebees and their intriguing hives! Thom Browne brings in the fish, though lacking in color and infinitely more wearable than the dog or bee, while we see pandas appear on Ground Zero fanny packs.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Animal Shaped Bags

#2: Food Shaped Bags

We saw the animals, but what about the food? Honestly, it appears that cartoon characters have been the handbag design inspirations for we see everything from cherry topped strawberry frosting and sprinkled blueberry cupcake bag at Degan, to the strawberry cream and sprinkle topped cake that the ladies on stage mistake for edible sustenance at Betsey Johnson. Kate Spade has a thing for peanuts though as we see on the runway show featuring a movie sized bag.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Food Shaped Bags

#3: Item Shaped Handbags

There have been animals like dogs and bumblebees, and there have been food shaped bags like cupcakes and pizzas. And then there are those inanimate object shaped bags that are totally wacky sometimes, such as the Jeremy Scott old timer television set with missing antennas. Of course, flowers are a lot more doable as seen at Jeremey Scott as well, though Betsey Johnson has us wondering what is cooking with her oven shaped piece, a cherry pie left a-baking inside.

Have you seen the rose bucket bag though? Kate Spade really outdid itself with this one and made it the perfect It Girl statement accessory, something to turn heads, as it is super lovely. Want some dice? Moschino has you covered there, while Dolce & Gabbana makes sure you never leave home without a camera again, even if it is bereft of the actual technology.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Item Shaped Bags

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Item Shaped Bags

#4: Human Faced Handbags

We have officially seen it all! From animals to food to even inanimate objects, we thought that there could not be another buddy style handbag, but apparently human faces are just as interesting, though slightly creepier if you ask us. Cute cartoonish faces appear on Dennis Basso clutches, and they only gain more details at Erin Fetherston with the long eyelashes and pretty little pouting lips. They all seem to be clutches in this category as well as we see yet another appear at Alice + Olivia, this time with big black sunglasses to complement those rather red lips.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Face Shaped Bags

#5: Fancy Fringed and Tasseled Bags

We have been seeing fringe for a while now. We have seen it throughout 2015 and it also appeared on the shoes andclothing for 2016, meaning that it was expected to be on the spring/ summer 2016 handbags as well. We see it with amusing colors though and some rather more retro meet futuristic designs, the quirky and cool twists brought about with bright colors, metallic and some rather unexpected placements.

Fringe looks gorgeous in the spring rainbow colors or the metallic versions at DVF, while it takes on a distinctively 1970s style at Tory Burch. We love the scattered fringe on suede at Christian Siriano, while it turns to futuristic clutches with metallic tassels at Badgley Mischka. Fancy flower fringes make their appearance with Monique Lhuillier, while we are full-fledged rodeo with the BCBG saddle bags.

Altuzarra makes the fringe and tassels look amazing, while it takes on a more decorative look with the chained drawstring bags at Alice + Olivia. Woven fringe looked especially good atAltuzarra though, making it a timeless classic in the ultimate shoulder bag design. Altuzarra is one of the most prominent tassel users for the spring season though, while Roberto Cavalli’s fringes are awesome!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Tassled & Fringed Bags

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Tassled & Fringed Bags

#6: Fun Fanny Packs

A rather useful handbag design for the upcoming season really emphasizes the need for travel, as fanny packs that have been mightily revamped from the old days are spotted throughout, coming in furs and fringes, graphics or simple minimalism, the latter seen beautifully at Sandy Liang. Pandas on round packs? Ground Zero has us covered! Furry looks come into play at Georgine, while a rather hip addition of white fringe to a tan and back small pack at Baja East adds the right amount of rebellious youth.

We have the fanny packs appear on the back as well, held up by rope-like straps at Maison Margiela and looking pretty awesome, though we would have to wonder at the security of such a piece worn during travel. Kenzo has a combination of small bags actually pulled around the waist in the guise of fanny packs, together almost making up a constructor’s toolkit pouch.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Fanny Packs

#7: Structured Square Bags

One of the most common spring/ summer 2016 handbag trends seen on the runway is the structured bag, the one that is very clearly defined on all sides. Structured designs come in the guide of alligator skin rectangular pieces atZimmermann, while we see House of Holland, Hill & Friends, Sophia Webster and Mary Katrantzou all have some rather spectacularly structured bags on display for the spring and summer seasons.

The boxier the bag, the more appealing it seems to be, especially if it is nice and small and a clutch to boot. Add some mosaics as is the case with Lela Rose and you find some astonishing attraction to the tiny thing. Sophia Webster has a whole array of interesting boxy clutches as well, with pearly closures and interesting designs often matching the headwear. Dolce & Gabbana’s boxy bags are some of our favorites though!

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Square Bags

#8: Half Moon Bags

Who does not love the half-moon trend out there? Victoria Beckham certainly is enamoured, so much so that her spring 2016 bags imitate the design with ease and gorgeous flow. This is expected to become the coming season’s new It bag that all the girls will be clamouring for, with the spacious feel and the very 1970s appeal.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Half Moon Bags

#9: Metallic Handbags

Silver is big this year. Shimmering silver with a futuristic appeal has been the main look that everything from clothing to shoes has taken on. So it makes sense that we will see them on the spring/ summer 2016 handbags as well, albeit a little more toned down. We see a whole lot of the metallic articulation at DVF, while tassels come in hard at Badgley Mischka instead. We have to wonder if you can fit anything even in a chain mail metallic tiny bag that looks about fit to only carry a single tube of lipstick. The crinkled metallic silver of the 3.1 Phillip Lim fold over bag is simply too delicious to let go of.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Metallic Bags

#10: Bags With Chain Straps

Chain straps appeared as a trend during the 2015 seasons as well, so we were hoping it would carry on with a little bit of something new. That is exactly what happened as we combine the featured favorite chains with fringe for example at DVF, or with oven shaped designs as seen at Betsey Johnson. Even the Jeremy Scott flowers have chains to hold on to.

Pretty fringes added create colorful flowers at Monique Lhuillier, while we see a whole lot of chains appearing at Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Marni, Burberry Prorsum, and Balenciaga. Louis Vuitton is more typical, while the Calvin Klein Collection features a loop handled bag in black with golden chains that leaves us coveting more.

Denim colored suede? Chloe’s got you covered there with the gorgeous golden chain straps, though J. W. Anderson gives handbag art a whole new meaning.Spring/ Summer 2016 Handbag Trends: Bags with Chain Straps



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