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SonaOne Share Some Tips Vacation To Hong Kong

Experience first set foot in Hong Kong, has made a rapper, SonaOne fell in love with the city.


SonaOne said that the opportunity given to him to be there in the program The Ultimate Brocation make him a lot to learn about Hong Kong.

Five days of being there, the singer who popularized the song Firefly was sharing some useful tips for those who plan to go to China it.

Here are five tips which he shares:

1. Plans At least five days in Hong Kong.
“I can say that five days is the time at least to stay there because believe Hong Kong is a city that has everything.

“To those who like to collect shoes sneakers, there is a paradise for you because not only is there a wide range of sneakers that original but it’s very cheap.

“If you want to venture out and go to the south of Hong Kong because there you will be surprised to see them imprisoned beautiful beaches like being in Italy.

“There was also a variety of extreme activities that you can try,”

2. Halal Food in Kowloon
“Halal food is easy to find there. Usually halal food will be in one place in Kowloon.

“There you can be a variety of halal food. Not only are there local food, but there are also halal food from Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and more.

“I had to try Dim Sum and bread with chicken curry. Surprised because the delicious-tasting mere”


3. Learning Cantonese
“If you can prepare yourself to learn some Cantonese. Not all, not all shops and business transactions can be done in English because there are sellers who only know the language Cantonese only,”

4. Public Transport
“I suggest you use public transportation such as the Hong Kong Metro train them than take the risk of taking a taxi.

“The traffic there is quite crowded as well as Malaysia, so drivers are less suitable if you want to move to a lot of places,”

5. Hotel
“There are many hotels and comfortable accommodations near shopping malls.

“I suggest, if you want to do a lot of activities in a certain place, the better you stay in a hotel nearby,”

The Ultimate Brocation will start airing on 14 December, 9.00pm at Kix HD (channel 729).

Through these programs, adventure holiday, alongside the famous singer Sona Philippines, Billy Crawford; DJ and famous Thai lawyer, P. K; and Singapore’s celebrity chef, Bjorn Shen.

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