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Singapore Zheng Kai mediated by the Chinese director rushed to film

Thursday, 16 Feb 2017 :  Singapore Zheng Kaijie won the Chinese director invited to filming!

Zheng Jiacheng and Hong Huifang’s son Zheng Kaijie (17 years old) Korean Department of “small fresh meat” shape popular, the Chinese director rushing to find him filming!

Zheng joined the Singapore star hair stylist Li Rongda (Addy) “Starlist”, earlier Addy took him to China “Pathfinder”, the results of several directors look at his handsome appearance, inviting him to China filming.

China’s talent show “China out of the color” has also knocked on the door, hoping Addy to send the history of Zheng Kaijie, but Addy that Zheng Kaijie has not yet prepared, has declined these drama and program offers.

Addy said: “I hope to let him accept some more training, after the New Year will send Kai to China to accept acting and language training.”

Parents are artists, there is no trick to teach when the recipe? “They did not teach me,” he said. “They only want me to walk out of my own way.”

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