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Scientists develop new chip that may help usher in the age of quantum computers

Saturday, 1 July 2017

INRS physicists managed to create the first silicon chip that can be used to both store and manipulate high-dimensional qubits – units of quantum information – which may help simplify the architecture of quantum computers, according to a study published in Nature, a top US scientific journal.

Qubits act as memory cells and computation modules in aquantum computer, and each qubit can store both 0 and 1 due to the laws of quantum physics.

Alexei Ustinov, one of the lead researcer at the Russian Quantum Center, told RIA Novosti that while scientists quickly learned to produce single qubits, it quickly became apparent that a network comprised of several qubits is poorly suited for storing and retrieving information.

This factor prompted many researchers to pursue a different approach: instead of attempting to unite several qubits into a single network, they instead seek to ‘pack’ several quantum information cells into a single qubit.

The chip itself is essentially a micro-resonator: a hollow silicon ring where light can move in a circular pattern, bouncing off the walls. The chip can be modified to amplify or dampen certain light impulses in order to encode memory cells.

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