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Every visitor who leaves the state must be willing to drag home Sarawak layer cake that is so popular throughout the country. In fact, anywhere there are traders layer cake, certainly in the “lineage” is the name of the state to attract customers.

There are a variety of cake flavors and colors to choose from. Some are made with margarine and some of which use real butter. The price and it was definitely different but still much cheaper price on a peninsula

dayang-salhah-kek-lapis-sarawak-1 kek-lapis 

In addition to a layer cake, there is also a batik cake concept is almost the same even if the manufacturing process is very complicated. It was also very tasty and not at a loss for you to carry boxes of cake layer to the airport.

Address: No 40, Kampung Gersik, Petra Jaya 93050, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Phone   :  019-8777220

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