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SABAH: Bun Hock Bakery & Confectionary

Unique to Sandakan, the Cantonese name for Sandakan’s famous UFO Tarts is actually “ngau si dui”. It certainly does not sound flattering as the direct translation means “cow dung pile”! 

These tarts are not tarts per se as the base is actually a thin butter sponge cake. On top of this is meringue enclosing a yellow centre of eggy custard. Quite a number of Chinese bakeries in Sandakan town offer these cute tarts and their presentation differ from bakery to bakery.


Instead of meringue, some use whipped cream (like the ones in Bun Hock Bakery) while others pipe a cross on top of the custard. There’s a fusion of tastes and textures at work here – spongy vanilla-tinged cake, creamy eggy smooth custard in the centre and light fluffy cream (or meringue) by the side… all in all, very yummy with a cup of hot tea! 

LOCATION: W.D.T. 429, Jalan Labuk, 90009, Sandakan, Sabah, 90000, Malaysia
CONTACT: +60 89-671 205

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