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Ryan Reynolds Announces Zazie Beetz Will Play Domino in Deadpool Sequel

Friday, 10 March 2017 :   Ryan Reynolds is ready to announce a brand-new Deadpool co-star.

On Thursday afternoon, the Hollywood actor took to Twitter where he shared a cryptic picture with the words “Domino Effect.”

As it turns out, Ryan was ready to announce who would be playing Domino in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Less than two hours later, the Internet learned that Atlanta breakout star Zazie Beetz has been cast. “Zazie Beetz Effect,” Ryan shared on Twitter with a hilarious graphic featuring his new co-star.

For those not up to date with Marvel’s comic book mythology, Domino is a mercenary who tends to work with the good guys.

She is another survivor of a government program to create the ultimate soldier. In fact, her special power is that she can create “good luck” for herself and those around her.

For moviegoers who are about to see Logan in theatres, they can expect a teaser for Deadpool 2 that shows Ryan reprising his role as the red and black badass whose good intentions take a little longer than expected to be revealed.

Without spoiling too much, the teaser runs like a mini-movie and may even feature a lengthy naked butt shot.
The teaser will also feature a cameo from Marvel legend Stan Lee, which already has fans buzzing with excitement.

Deadpool 2 is set for release in March of 2018.

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