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Recorded Over 15 Million Searches In Google, That’s Why Dato Seri Vida In the New Realiti Television Show


Recorded that 15 million searches on Google, one of the factors of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman or Datuk Seri Vida (DSV) is selected as digital celebrity reality show The House’s second season.

Chief Branding, Malay Marketing Division and Astro Gempak, Raja Jastina  Raja Arshad said that, in addition to having a strong brand, DSV also a personality that is always used as inspiration for success strengthen her business empire.

“The selection of DSV and their families to be brought in through the second season of The House is seen exactly as she has a strong influence in the media, especially on social media networks.

“We can see, each sharing her social sites such as Instagram and Facebook must be followed and rave reviews.

“Not to mention also her family life are among the highest search major websites,” he said at the launch of the program in Jibby East, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday afternoon.

According Jastina, through The House the other side DSV which has never known will be displayed.

“DSV an individual who is very positive and open. She never bothered by the accusations are thrown around, even assuming the allegations came as reinforcement for him to continue to rise and advance in the business empire owned.


The House 2 television broadcast will be aired on Astro Ria (104) and Astro Ria HD (123) on Wednesdays at 9.30 pm starting December 7 this.

Earlier, The House of the first season featuring three sisters Maembong recorded over 9 million views on digital network platform Facebook, Youtube and portal.dato-seri

More remarkable when The House last season, also received recognition in the Marketing Excellence Award 2016 (MEA 2016), organized by the Advertising Marketing Magazines ie gold medals in the category of Excellence in Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Best) and silver in the category of Excellence in Brand Awareness (Branding Best).

In addition, the first season of The House also won a silver medal at The Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2016 through the category of Best Promotion Programme (Promotion Best Program).

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