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The famous Rainbow Fall (Air Terjun Pelangi) can be reached from Sg Lembing. In earlier days this small town was famous because of its tin mines. Now it is nice, sleepy place. There is a museum and there are plans to reopen the mines as a tourist attraction. Transport to the fall can be arranged in the town, you need a 4WD if you want to go on your own. A guide is useful, although not really needed. You have to start early, as the famous rainbow can only be seen in the morning. It is a one hour drive from the town to the trail head, followed by about 45 minutes of easy trekking to the fall.




Difficulty level: Easy.
Duration from base to peak: 45 minutes.
Opening hours: Daily.
Highlights: There is a rainbow at the end of your hike, and if you are lucky, you get double the rainbows!
Cost: None.
Things you should know: The rainbow appears between 10am to 11am and the best seats in the house are at the right side of the waterfall.


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