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Philipina president Ditet to the United States choking sound, will not stop drug treatment

Dit Tate visited Singapore on Friday to confront the Filipino community in a speech to the United States, choking, “As President, I will not stop the anti – drug, anti – drug action will continue.

He also produced a thick list of drug-related, including political figures.His speech showed a strong charm, listen to the speech of the Philippine country community friends from time to time with warm applause. He said that he would not stop the fight against drugs until the last big drug.


He crossed his finger with his neck, the oracle shows the last major drug lords were killed.

“‘If you destroy my country, I will kill you’, this is not considered a crime.” He produced a list of crime rate, said, “almost no”, “Let your relatives go back.”

The Millennium Challenge Partnership (MCC) no longer provides the Philippines with a large aid package. In this regard, Dieter also denounced the United States, “we in the United States under 50 years, you in this land from fat, you get our best things, and now you threaten to cut our funding, then I To Obama (the US president) said, ‘go to hell’.

He said that if you want to dissatisfied with his policies and behavior, you can complain to the United Nations, because the Philippines is also a member of the United Nations, let the United Nations investigation, the report came out, and then raised in the General Assembly, “Do not put me in front of your child “I’m Philippine President Dittate.”

The Philippine Foreign Ministry said Friday that the Philippines could not survive without assistance. The Philippine National Economic and Development Agency responded by saying, “MCC assistance is nothing compared to many other countries considering the size of their investment in the Philippines” and “will not fall asleep by losing this aid.”

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