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Oculus retch: Solution to VR motion sickness

Monday, 27 February 2017

As various virtual reality (VR) headsets struggle to live up to their expectations, this highly anticipated immersive technology still faces 1 major obstacle: nausea.

To help prevent VR sickness, researchers at Stanford University in California have created prototypes of personalised glasses that fight nausea in 2 ways.

The headset is built with so-called liquid lenses and screens that can be electronically moved. This allows the user to adjust both the focus and the distance from the eye to suit their needs, the researchers say.

The screens also track where a user is looking. The software then adjusts the display according to the whether the person is near-sighted, far-sighted or has age-related vision issues.

VR goggles with this technology will not only reduce nausea, but could also allow users to wear them without their reading glasses or contact lenses. It’s unclear how soon this could be integrated into products on the market.

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