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“Nico is not the great rider ‘ – Bernie Ecclestone


Group CEO of Formula One (F1), Bernie Ecclestone said Nico Rosberg not a worthy world champion rider classified in group fares.

According to Ecclestone, former team riders Mercedes is only eligible to be remembered as a champion racer of F1 season 2016 and may not be respected more than the title.

“Enough just we agreed that Nico was a champion rider category for this year’s campaign. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso is more appropriately referred to as a great rider.


“For me, Rosberg is more than one winner of the world title. However, the absence of Nico for next year was quite good for F1, “said Ecclestone.

For the record, Rosberg decided to retire suddenly came three days after winning the world title for the season 2016 closed the curtain in Abu Dhabi last November.

However, Ecclestone not awkward when recognizing Nico with his father, Keijo Erik Rosberg as one of the two pairs of father and son who never won a world title in F1 circuit.

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