The sad news was conveyed by family members.

Hatch, 71, began his career as an actor after starring in the drama All My Children as early as 1970 and was the main character in the series in 1978, which aired for one season but was also nominated for a Golden Globe award.


Throughout his career, Hatch is faithful to drama series and has written three novels of the series based on the original series.

The actress once told that the series is a stepping stone for the opportunity to turn your fantasies and dreams as a child.

After the series, Hatch starred in popular series such as The Love Boat, Baywatch, Dynasty and Santa Barbara.

In 2004, the actress accepted the role as Tom Zarek through a series of Battlestar Galactica and aired for four seasons through the Syfy Channel.

Hatch said ‘crazy work’ and appears in the Dragon-Con in Atlanta in September last year to talk about his latest science fiction film, diminuendo.

In the meantime, actor Dick Benedict, 71, who plays Lieutenant Starbuck upload status ‘very sad’ through his Twitter.

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