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New Proof that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield will Still Love Each Other


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been giving us major nostalgia over their former relationship (that we miss so much).

The 33-year-old actor sat down in a round table with reporter and admitted he still very much loves his ex-girlfriend—so much so, he’d be willing to be stranded alone with her.

The reporter asked Garfield, “You’re on a desert island and can have one actor or actress with you. Who?”

He responded with ease, “Emma Stone. I love Emma. [They dated for several years.] She’s all right. She can come.”


The former couple dated for four years before splitting up in October of 2015.

However, over the summer, they toyed with fans’ hearts when the were spotted out on a casual stroll in London, laughing and smiling and causing everyone to wonder whether they’d be rekindling.

Though they are still doing the single thing, there’s absolutely no doubt that they have an everlasting love for one another.

In fact, when they broke up last year, a source told us, “There is definitely still love for each other there. They remain close and are on good terms.”

The split simply came due to their busy schedules.

“It was always a ‘break’ due to schedules,” a source in May. “They have been really busy, so they finally have had time to see each other again. They care for each other and always have the best time when together.”


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