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Muslims Around The World Wages Jihad On Cleaning The Streets After New Year Party

New Year’s Eve is marked by celebrations world over. There is lots of partying involved, and consequently, a lot of work for sanitation workers before the New Year morning. In 2015, the Department of Sanitation in New York City estimated close to 50 tons of trash in Times Square alone.

For the last many years, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association in many countries has spent the New Years morning cleaning up the mess left behind from the night prior. Youth typically gather in their local mosques and community centers on New Year’s Eve for a sleep-over, rise early for the pre-dawn Tahajjud prayer to supplicate for peace, harmony and coexistence in the world and then proceed to clean their respective neighborhoods and cities.

jihad 1

2017 was no different. Here is a snapshot of what transpired around the world, as shared by Muslims on social media.

  jihad twiter

Earlier, the youth group had tweeted about their passion for service to “faith, country & nation.”

jihad twiter.png2

Muslims in various cities in Germany also came out for a national #Neujahrsputz2017 (New Year Clean-up 2017) event. Within minutes, the hashtag was already trending across Germany. 21 year old Business informatics student Daud Nasir, whose parents immigrated to Germany 28 years ago, said he took part in the cause because Prophet Muhammad taught that cleaning the street was an act of charity.

jihad abd noor

jihad abd noor1

jihad nasir

Vadood, a 28 year old aspiring lawyer in London told me he was in Germany to visit his family.

jihad vadood

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK also launched a clean-up campaign in cities across the United Kingdom.

jihad amya

Mr. Adam Walker, well-known writer and Muslim youth leader, tweeted a series of pictures from various cities across the U.K where clean-up activities were underway.

jihad adam

Similar activities were underway in the streets of Zurich in Switzerland.

  jihad mka switzerland

 Canada: Shaikh Mazhar Ahmad from Hamilton reported that a group of almost a 100 Muslims from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada’s Hamilton Chapter went out in cold weather to clean the city downtown. He shared this picture on his personal Facebook page.

jihad canada

Humanity First International, a charity founded by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community over 20 years ago, led clean-up activities in Indonesia. Mr. Kandali Achmad, the National Director of Humanity First Indonesia shared pictures on his Facebook page.

jihad indp

Young Muslims from Singapore also spent a good part of their New Year morning cleaning local streets.

   jihad singapuro

The media often depicts Muslims in a negative light. One case of a lunatic carrying out an act of violence, and there are special coverages on media platforms around the world with pundits and “Islam experts” pointing fingers at a whole faith community. But this right here is what Muslims really do every day in their communities. And it wouldn’t surprise me if you do not hear about this on mainstream media.

  jihad dimu 

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