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MTDC: Halal Technology Development Fund (Halal Fund 2)




Halal Technology Development Fund (Halal Fund) is specifically designed to nurture and finance Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for long term growth and export-driven through halal-compliant activities.

The primary focus of Halal Fund is to provide companies with access to the best advisory services and networks. The activities include halal product development and processes, services and regulatory compliance. The activities are part of an effort to overcome barriers and hurdles to bring halal products/services to market.

Halal Fund also provides an opportunity for companies to create innovation partnership with university/research institution/halal related agencies or solution providers to address technical challenges in the development of new halal products/services.

Halal Fund is divided into two categories: Halal Fund 1 and Halal Fund 2.


The objectives of Halal Fund are:

  • To increase the economic contribution of Halal sector SMEs through export of halal products/services.
  • To create employment opportunities for locals in halal-compliant industry.
  • To develop, nurture and increase the participation of SMEs in halal-based industry set-up.
  • To equip and enhance SMEs to develop and market halal-compliant products/services for the export market.
  • To optimise returns and achieve capital growth for technology-based companies involved in halal-compliant activities.
  • To develop Malaysia as a hub for production of halal-based products and services for the international market.



Halal Fund 2 is a partial grant dedicated to grow SME from medium to large companies with the application of technology in halal products or services for export market.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Halal Fund 2

  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).
  • The company is incorporated under the Companies Act 1965.
  • The company must be at least 60% owned by Malaysian(s).
  • The company has already obtained halal certification from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).
  • The company must not be a subsidiary of a GLC/MNC.
  • The products or services have already been exported.

Funding Quantum (Partial Grant)

  • Halal Fund 2 provides funding in the form of partial grants with a maximum of RM 4 million or 70% of the eligible expenses (whichever is lower).

Eligible expenses

  • Consultation fees and technical training.
  • Cost of certifications and standards compliance.
  • Development of product branding, packaging and labelling, safety and market compliance/demographic preference.
  • Technology transfer fee.
  • Equipment and machinery.
  • Export promotional activities.
  • Engagement with foreign partner as distributor/agent.
  • Financial, business, technical and marketing advisory services.

Project duration
4 years.

Contact Us – HTDF (Halal Fund)

General Line : +6 03 8941 4100
Fax                : +6 03 8941 4200

Meor Rafeq Md Rejab
Vice President
Halal Fund Department
E-mail : meor@mtdc.com.my

Muhammad Hussaini Mohd Mustafa
Halal Fund Department
E-mail : hussaini@mtdc.com.my

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