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More Israeli fighters commit suicide than killed in battle

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Of the 41 soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces who died last year, 15 took their own lives, that means more troops died from suicide in 2016 than from any other cause of death.

The total number of IDF soldiers who were killed in 2016 rose slightly, as 36 soldiers were killed the year before. This was the third year in a row that 15 soldiers died by suicide.

All of the soldiers who took their own life in 2016 were male: 12 were conscripted soldiers, 2 were career soldiers and 1 was an army reservist. The suicides from 2016 are considered “suspected suicides” by the Israeli army because they are still under investigation. Most of the conscripted soldiers were killed in the middle of their mandatory service.

In 2006, the IDF began to prohibit soldiers from taking their service weapons home in an attempt to stop them from committing suicide while on break. The year before, 36 soldiers took their own lives. A 2010 military study found that this policy was responsible for a 40% decrease in the total number of suicides by IDF soldiers. The military also began to provide mental health and suicide training.

By 2013, only 7 soldiers committed suicide. But that number rose to 15 the following year.

Of the other soldiers who died last year, 9 died in on-base accidents, 7 in off-duty car accidents, 6 from illnesses or other medical reasons and 4 died in the course of military operations. In addition, 43 soldiers were seriously injured.

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