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Michelle Chen Gives Birth to a Boy, 5 Months After Marrying Chen Xiao


Taiwanese movie and television star Michelle Chen give birth to a boy on Tuesday (Dec 20), five months after she married her Chinese co-star Chen Xiao.

She shared a photo in Instagram of the family’s three hands – two bigger and one much smaller – on Facebook, and said: “Thanks to Little Star for becoming a member of our family. May you twinkle peacefully, happily from now on.”


Her husband said to his son on Weibo: “I hope you will be strong, listen to your mother.” The 33-year-old actress married the actor on his 29th birthday in July in China. Her agent said the couple’s son was 50cm long and weighed 3.5kg. 

The two Chens worked together in 2013, playing the couple Yang Guo and his mentor Xiao Long Nu, in a TV remake of Romance Of The Condor Heroes, but did not fall in love then, according to Apple Daily.

In January last year, when he visited Taiwan for work, she met him for a catch-up and sparks flew, said the newspaper.

They began dating in March last year, and he proposed to her in Paris in October last year.

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