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Looking for a place to enjoy attractions including swimming and fun play outside the main city? Here’s a great getaway destination for kids and the entire family!

Melaka Wonderland is a unique water theme park that features 16 attractions such as Tornado Chaser, Lazy cum Crazy River, 1 Big Wave Pool, Adventure Island and is surrounded by 360 hectares of natural recreational forest. Melaka Wonderland’s water splashing rides and attractions is filled with a whopping 2 million litres of water. High speed water slides, Aqua Bubbles is a feature awaiting to excite visitors to the theme park. Melaka Wonderland’s exclusive attractions promise unlimited fun, taking every visitor on a thrilling ride and breathtaking view of a natural forest. Its grab-and-go food outlets provide everyone with a quick bite to recharge for more activities. Melaka Wonderland also offers treats for the little ones with several kiosks located throughout the park.

Its Great And Awesome!!

Cool and fun attractions within Melaka Wonderland await you, your child and your family:

Entrance Melaka Wonderland With Cute Costume Character!! Children will love it!!


      Tornado Chaser

Experience how it feels like to be in a tornado! Don’t worry, this is not the scary type. This one’s fun and exciting! Try it you will regret it!

      Aqua Bubble

Want to know what’s it like to be in a big bubble and walk across water? Find out with this joyful ride!

1 Big Wave Pool

Play along gentle rolling waves and beachfront like deck space where parents can relax while their kids enjoy the big waves

  Kamikaze Race     

 Enjoy a watery race through a 6-lane high speed mat ride down the slides!

      Adventure Island

A multi-level active water play structure for kids of all ages and it combines 8 slides into one big play ground. It is also features a    water dump waiting to drench anyone in its way!

This theme park is surrounded by a natural recreational forest, making you feel closer to nature outdoors. Suitable for nature lovers!! Go for it!! And spend you times with your family!! Come and book your ticket with us now!!!



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