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Mars more hostile to life than expected

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Scientists discovered that a deadly combination of UV radiation and certain chemical compounds are responsible for turning the surface of Mars into a deadly wasteland incapable of supporting even the most simple and basic forms of life.

All hopes to find traces of alien life on Mars appear to be dashed as scientists from the University of Edinburgh discovered that the planet’s surface is in fact even more hostile to lifeforms than it was originally thought.

According to a study by Jennifer Wadsworth and Charles S. Cockell, published in the Scientific Reports journal, the perchlorates present on Martian soil produce a powerful bactericidal effect when subjected to Martian UV radiation.

The discovery of the presence of perchlorates on Mars several years ago almost dashed all hope that scientists had of finding signs of life on the planet (if it had existed) as these chemical compounds are powerful oxidizing agents. In addition, the high concentration of perchlorates in Martian groundwater would make it poisonous to virtually all microorganisms.

During their experiment, which involved growing Bacillus subtilis in Martian analogue environments, Wadsworth and Cockell discovered that while bacteria can actually adapt to the presence of perchlorates by itself, they die rapidly when also exposed to UV radiation.

This bactericidal effect is apparently due to the presence of iron oxides and hydrogen peroxide in Martian soil which “act in synergy with irradiated perchlorates to cause a 10.8-fold increase in cell death when compared to cells exposed to UV radiation after 60 seconds of exposure.”

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