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Malaysia’s Top 5 Muslimah Fashion Brands

Thursday, 27th April 2017: Muslimah fashion is making its mark around the globe. And these 10 Muslimah fashion brands are shaping the Muslimah fashion trend in Malaysia. From dresses to scarves, they offer wide variety of stylish options that will make you look modest, chic and fashionable. Looking for fashionable Muslimah outfits? Now you know where to shop.

1) Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie is about modern and creative colour combinations and dynamic style. Founded in 2006, Jovian has built a solid reputation over the years and is dubbed second to none in the fashion scene due to his inspiring fashion sense and courage to break through conventional styles. Today, the collection of Jovian Mandagie spans across ready-to-wear, wedding designs, corporate wear and accessories.


If the combination of modesty, stylishness and elegance is what you are looking for, Zawara is the brand for that. Providing an extensive line of apparels for everyday events to corporate parties, Zawara recognises the desire of women to dress stylishly and chic whilst still being modest. In other words, one does not have to sacrifice style for modesty. Their clothes are handcrafted using high quality fabric and are available at multiple outlets located across Malaysia today.


FARAHiskandar aims to provide aurah-friendly fashion to all women and help them to perfectly veil their aurah yet still be fashionable. Founded in 2012 by a husband-and-wife, Nurfarahin Romli and Ally Iskandar, they are advocates of minimalism. They believe that simplicity in fashion can maintain one’s modesty yet show sophistication.

4) Hana Bella

Founded in 25 June 2013, Hana Bella offers beautiful garments for events, engagements, weddings and days that you just want to feel gorgeous. Their dreams and interest in the latest fashion trends led the two best friends, Dini and Emmey, to formed Hana Bella. The exclusive and elegant Busana Muslimah from Hana Bella focus on the sewing quality, design and comfort. Their designs are not only limited to Muslimah women, it is suitable for all races and religions.

5)Gene Martino

Gene symbolises the hereditary traits that are being passed from generation to generation while Martino expresses strong personality. These two traits represent the brand in which it gives a strong personality of values in every family that can be passed on to their future generations. The idea of this brand is to provide high quality tailor-made Muslim-friendly family clothing at a ready-made price.

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