FIFA Award in 2011, Japan’s Homare Sawa took to the stage wearing traditional clothes, kimono when receiving the trophy for Best Female Player of the World.

That means, the opportunity to Faiz, 29, attended the award with Malay shirt is bright, though up to now he has not received any information on the application of the code of ethics.


“I do not know what clothes that can be worn or activity there, maybe in the near future FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) will be informed because they had received a formal invitation.

“Maybe the old rule allowing Homare Sawa wear kimono but in 2013 I saw he was no longer wearing Kimono. So, I have to wait and see how, “said Faiz.

However Faiz said, he would give a speech in English if invited up on stage to receive the prize because of the use of the native language is not a barrier.

Star Argentine striker Lionel Messi said in the mother tongue every time on stage to receive the Ballon d’Or, as well as his team-mates at Barcelona the Brazilian striker Neymar.

Faiz will compete with two other candidates, namely Marlon of Brazil and the sole representative of women, Daniuska Rodriguez of Venezuela.