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Life after prison for actor Tony Eusoff



KUALA LUMPUR: It is not easy being in Tony Eusoff’s shoes.

After serving five months sentence for drug possession in Singapore’s Admiralty West Prison, the TV-theatre actor and singer is adamant to work hard to earn a second chance.

He is indeed, had resigned himself to the fact that everyone deserved to open a new chapter in life. 

A kindly personality with an infectious gentle manner, the 38-year-old admittedly said that although the ‘dark phase’ has passed, he is still learning to forgive himself.

The feisty actor, whose real name, Anthony Joseph Anak Hermas Rajiman said he was overwhelmed that being incarcerated has altered his perspective on life.

“If you asked what I’d change if I could turn back the time, I’d definitely want to change everything, but now, I have a new perspective on life. What has happened had its own meaning and was all part of God’s plan,” he said in an interview of Sembang Seni on Awani 7.45 news bulletin on Wednesday.


Dressed in a light blue shirt during the interview, Tony was in high spirits. Off-air, Tony was all candid, when he was cajoled to speak about his experience being behind bars.

“Honestly, I refused to talk about it. I do not want to go there (the subject of being in prison) there anymore. But then, I thought to myself, what the heck, I needed to set the record straight, so here I am,” he said, minutes before the ‘live’ interview. 

“Frankly speaking, the experience has given birth to a new Tony. And The new me knows how to evaluate himself, evaluate conditions and atmosphere he is in. It was a great experience not only to me but to the people I love,” he said.

Tony said he was grateful for the continuous support  from family members and close friends.

“I’m so grateful especially after my release, I have received some acting offers from producers who have worked with me in the past,” said Tony who is synonymous as the suave P.Ramlee in Enfiniti Productions, P.Ramlee The Musical


The actor, who was detained on March 12 this year in Tuas while entering the island republic to film Channel 5’s thriller drama series titled “The Hush”.

On April 21, Tony, was found guilty by the court and sentenced to eight-months imprisonment.

Tony was released on October 1 because of good behaviour.


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