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Levitating PJ9 bluetooth speaker unveiled in the run-up to CES

Wednesday, 28 December 2016


No, it’s not just a vision statement but an actual object. LG plans to mesmerise visitors to the next CES with its new futuristic PJ9 bluetooth speaker, whose levitation is achieved through the use of electromagnets. The PJ9 combines its original design with high-quality sound that can be delivered indoors and outdoors.

The speaker has a battery life of about ten hours and when it is running low on power, it automatically descends onto its “levitation station” where it will recharge wirelessly without any intervention from the listener. As an added bonus, it also complies with the IPX7 norm, meaning that it will not be damaged by dust or immersion in water at depths of less than a meter, which makes it useful both indoors and outdoors.

LG has yet to communicate either the availability or the price tag for this surprising product.

Along with its hovering speaker, which may remain an uplifting curiosity, LG is expected to present a wide range of more commercial new products at Las Vegas: cut-price smartphones (the new K Series and the Stylus 3), monitors (the 32in Ultra HD and 34in for gamers) as well as a laser video projector (ProBeam HF80J).

Following in the footsteps of its longstanding competitor Samsung, LG will have to demonstrate a talent for innovation if it is to stand out from the crowd at January’s high-tech jamboree.

The 2017 CES will run from Jan 5 to 8 in Las Vegas.

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