In a statement today, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) said crude palm oil (CPO) prices declined by 10.63 percent to 783.844 tonnes in January compared to 877.082 in the previous month.

Regarding production, MPOB said CPO production in January fell to 1.28 million tons from 1.47 million tons at December.

Palm kernel oil production fell to 310.224 tons in January compared to 346.520 tons in the previous month.

On exports, he said demand for biodiesel in January jumped to 401 tons compared to 55 tons in December, while oil rose to 1.28 million tonnes from 1.27 million tonnes in December.

MPOB said palm kernel oil exports fell to 64.631 tons from 79.209 tons in December.

Exports of palm kernel cake decreased to 187.017 tons from 195.855 tons in January in December, while the oleochemical down to 211.293 tons from 224.283 tons.

Source : Internet