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This restaurant opened over a year ago by a local person who is familiar with Arabic menu.The menu at the restaurant is basically quite simple and only serves the fundamental arab Nasi Mandi, kebabs and sandwiches in addition to several types of bread with an Arabic name.


Nevertheless, perhaps because the focus given to these menus Nasi Mandi in this restaurant among the best. With rice that has flavor and taste of herbs and spices arab style, coupled with lamb or chicken soft and fresh taste of a very high increase.

While lamb and chicken appear “plain”, but it feels very good and is not inferior to rice dishes in the restaurant of the more prominent Arabs.


Prices and services are not disappointed. Corresponding to its position in Jitra City, the price is very reasonable.

Address : No. 19, Jalan PJ3, Pekan Jitra 3, 06000 Jitra, Kedah Darulaman

Contact : 04-917 4988

Source : Internet


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