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Mat Cucur Udang is a name that is so popular among residents of Alor Setar. It serves the best shrimp fritters to the people of Kedah decades ago but only at night markets. Therefore, not easy to find work in the night market where they operate every day. But since starting the business in a restaurant in Taman PKNK fixed, the customer is not difficult to enjoy the best shrimp fritters. Mentioned fritters mean it really fritters with shrimp medium will be viewed on any eaves.

Even after the cut, every bite will still be able to find the original shrimp fried with onions and taugeh apart. Nevertheless, where in addition to the menu is so various bowsprit shrimp, we may mix with tofu, bowsprit onions, fish cake and some more components that we used to see along the bowsprit shrimp.


Mat Cucur Udang also known as the peanut sauce unrivaled and will not be found in anywhere.


Address : Medan Selera PKNK (Tmn. PKNK),Kedah, Malaysia

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