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Dining interest in JB initiated by Restaurant Din BBQ that serves the best grill in Johor with seafood and meat as well as chicken grilled to perfection. 


The restaurant offers a variety of grilled taste very attractive. We can order whatever food according to their individual tastes.

Instead of roasting can also be set because there are customers who prefer meat is fully cooked and there is also a passion for juicy meat inside.


Interestingly, the work of roasting is done by the owner in order to maintain the quality and authenticity of taste BBQ at this restaurant. 

Instead of shrimp, cuttlefish, chicken until the goat, the cuisine is quite exciting coupled with BBQ sauce which is very tasty.


In addition to baked dishes, there are also other foods such as nasi lemak and so even at lunchtime the restaurant is also serving sour spicy fish head is equally impressive. 

Situated near Legoland, you have tapped this restaurant if there because the price is also very reasonable.

Address :  32, Jalan Bestari 6/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, Johor Bahru

Contact : 019-7704550

Source : Internet

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