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The famous Mohd Shah Nasi Baryani is one of the most written about nasi baryani shops in Malaysia’s nasi baryani Capital, Batu Pahat.

The very reasonable RM6 plate comes with a big piece of mutton rendang with bone on and a large heap of top quality Basmati rice.Each long grain of Basmati rice is coated with fragrant spices and ghee. The slightly nutty rice is not overly oily. The best of eating nasi baryani at Mohd Shah comes from the kambing (mutton) rendang.


The entire piece of mutton is saturated with fragrance and flavour.The delicious mutton rendang is tender and moist inside.


Address : Gerai no 14, Benteng Peserai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

Contact : 07-4138322

Source : Internet

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