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Jennifer Lopez’s Workout Secret Involves Dwayne Johnson

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 :  You’ve got on your best pair of Lululemon leggings; your sneakers are securely fastened. It’s go time.

Sometimes, finding motivation to get to the gym can be tough. It happens to the best of us: Growing tired of the same old fitness routine is common. It’s also possible to be more interested in a good series than that SLT class. But celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Dwayne Johnson have the secret to staying on track. And despite what you’d expect, it’s totally free.

The solution is incredibly simple, and you know about it already: It’s called a workout buddy. Why is training in pairs so effective that even celebs coordinate their busy schedules to make it work?

There are real benefits to recruiting a friend as part of your workout routine. Having company is a great source of motivation—while skipping your solo session is easy, it’s much more difficult to cancel on someone when you’ve set up a time and a place to meet. This could be the key from turning casual exercise into an actual habit.

When you get to the gym as a pair, you can help each other with form and push one another to the next level. Having another person there means they can provide assistance like spot training and, of course, cheerleading. You can experiment with your routine by incorporating two-person exercises (and finally find out what all the hype is with those medicine balls). Plus, our friends make everything more fun, so why not add that to your fitness regimen?


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