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Jelita Ostrich farm is only 60mins from KL and Melaka and barely 30mins from Seremban…

Located along Jalan Jelebu, this farm is the 1st Ostrich Show Farm in Malaysia, being awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records.
Here, you will see many ostriches, given a personalised tour by the staff there, a chance to ride an ostrich and also stand on an ostrich egg…
The Ostrich is the second fastest animal in the world with a speed of 45mph and the fastest 2 bird on the face of the earth. It also holds the record of having the biggest egg in the world, weighing easily 3pounds each.
Please refer to my travelogue for some fun facts on Ostrich Birds and the Jelita Ostrich Farm.


Address 1504, Batu 6,Mukim Pantai,Jln Jelebu,71770,Sban
Directions From Sban town, go pass A&W, and go straight until you see a Fire Station on the left. Turn Left and go straight. You will see Ocean Smkt on the left. Go straight and turn at the traffic light where Shell Station is. Go straight till you see the signange.
Phone 06-7673445
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