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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 :  Apple just wrapped its presentation announcing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus — alongside a whole bunch of other products — and the company has now let us into a demo area to try out the new phones.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus look pretty much the same as their predecessors, but they have a new back cover that’s coated in glass and gives them a somewhat fresher look. They have a sort of subtle opalescent effect too, so it’s not just a glossy, shiny, ultra-reflective look. The glass blends into the sides of the phone incredibly well, better than we’ve seen on other phones. There’s a subtle density to the glass, too, and overall it looks a lot better than the back of the 7.

That glass back allows for wireless charging, which is one of the big new features here. Wireless charging works with the Qi standard — we set it on a charging pad and it starting charging. You know, like it should.

The big change to the front this time around is the addition of True Tone feature to the phones’ screens, which lets them adjust to the color tone of the room. The 8’s display isn’t noticeably better than 7’s — at least not in the perfect lighting of the Apple hands-on area. It’s going to be hard to detect the changes if you don’t know what you’re looking for, I think, but it’s one of those screen things that you can’t really unsee once you see it. You won’t miss if you don’t have it, but you will once you do, I bet. Otherwise, not much has changed on the front of the device: there’s still a home button and there’s still Touch ID.

There are also still big bezels surrounding all sides. The iPhone 8 Plus is still as big as a surfboard. I am really really happy to see actual stereo speakers on an iPhone — near as I can tell the earpiece up top can just get super loud so you get proper stereo separation when you’re watching a video.

What really does stand out is the new camera features. The portrait lighting features on the 8 Plus, in particular, were impressive. While you can still tell that the artificial lighting effects aren’t perfectly realistic, they’re miles ahead of any other camera gimmick we’ve seen. They look more natural, are relatively subtle, and are just a smarter implementation overall. You’re going to have fun playing with this, even if you don’t turn it into the default way you take photos from now on.

For the most part, though, these iPhones are iterative updates over last year’s models — but it’s a bigger iteration than the usual “S” update. They have a newer processor, the A11 Bionic, which seemed plenty fast, and better cameras, including new 12-megapixel sensors and an image processor built by Apple.

Both phones will be available later this month, on September 22nd. The iPhone 8 will sell for $699 and the 8 Plus will sell for $799. This year, there are only two configurations available for each of them: a 64GB entry-level model and a 256GB upgraded model.


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