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In 2017 the first meteor shower today, do not miss

In 2017 the first astronomical show “Quadrant meteor shower” debut today.

Taiwan’s Taipei City Planetarium revealed that on the 3rd of the “Quadrant meteor shower”, the scheduled maximum occurred at 10 pm, not only the number, and the bright meteor, an average of about 120 per hour.

Planetarium, said the first meteor shower in 2017 occurred “quadrant meteor shower”, which is the first year of the three meteor shower, the maximum will occur at 10 pm.

Planetarium said, “Quadrant meteor shower” is not only a large number, and meteor bright, less moonlight this year, the impact of excellent observation conditions, the best viewing time at 0:00 on the 4th before dawn, the estimated number of meteors per hour 60 to 200, with an average of about 120.

Planetarium also said, do not need to enjoy the meteor shower special equipment such as telescopes, not limited to specific attractions, as long as the selection of vision, light pollution and less air pollution to the naked eye can watch.

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