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Casual Shirt


Whether you’re wearing a suit and tie, or are going for a smart casual look, shirts are a staple item of men’s fashion. Here’s how to style one. 
They’re great for a night out with mates, as well as a more formal work outfit, casual long sleeve shirts can work as part of an ensemble, or make a statement on their own. The large amount of colours, designs, and ways in which you can wear them, makes this an extremely versatile item of clothing and give you a lot more variation to experiment with.

Men’s Casual Shirts

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Unlike a dress shirt, you have more leeway when it comes to the fit of your casual shirt. Whereas a tailored or slim fit is often desirable with dress shirts, a casual piece can look great in a looser style, especially if you’re going to wear it in hot conditions.
However, knowing your chest measurements is still extremely important when wearing any style of shirt. Most tailor’s or suit shops will tell you this for free, but check out our handy size guide below to get an idea.

Men’s Casual Long Sleeve Shirts

Denim Casual Shirt

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You can wear a denim shirt as part of a layered outfit, or as a stand-alone piece. When it comes to casual shirts for men, denim is up there with the best of them. The light and textured material makes it perfect for toning any outfit down, whilst maintaining a sense of style.

When wearing a thick denim material, combining your top with a T-shirt is a great way to casually layer your outfit and add some new dimensions. However, wearing one on its own is equally as stylish. To create a nice summer look, team you shirt with a pair of light stone coloured chinos.

Finish the style with a pair of lightweight trainers. Getting some in a more unconventional colour such as tan is a great way to bring some extra detail to your look. They are also perfect in a more colourful and summery outfit.

Plaid Casual Shirt

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Plaid shirts, sometimes known as lumberjack shirts, have become increasingly popular. As the beard and lumberjack style has taken over a large portion of the men’s fashion world, this style of shirt has become one of the most fashionable pieces a man can own.

To perfect this indie look wear your shirt with a lot of denim. The dark navy work perfectly with the plaid design, with the rustic texture of the fabric also contributing to the masculine style. To finish the outfit, wear a pair of brown leather boots that are perfect for this type.

White Casual Shirt

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If you want a smart casual outfit then a white long sleeve shirt is the one for you. This clean and crisp look is as versatile as it is stylish. The white will act as a base colour for the rest of your look to revolve around.

Try combining a plain white oxford shirt with a pair of dark navy chinos. The colour contrast will create a nice balance within the outfit and stop it from becoming too bright. Finally, cuff you trousers and add a pair of dark loafers. Make sure you don’t wear any socks to show off your ankles, and you will have your smart casual outfit on point. If you want to add some extra detail then try wearing some braces and a pair of shades.

Black Casual Shirt

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If you’re going for an all black look, or just want a darker outfit, then black can be an excellent choice. To wear an Oxford shirt made from more textured material. This will tone your look down and stop it from becoming too monochrome and overly formal.

Pair your top with some black skinny jeans to create uniformity within the look. To layer your outfit, get your hands on some lightweight outerwear to go over your shirt. A leather or denim jacket is probably the best choice; these are casual, stylish, and go with lots of different outfits.

Finally, finish the outfit off with a pair of heavy-duty black boots. When teamed with a leather jacket, these shoes can create a rustic hipster look that is deceptively easy to pull off.

Quick Guide on How to Style a Casual Shirt

  • Know your size. Getting the fit right is the most important part of any shirt.
  • Choose your fabric. Unconventional materials are better for casual looks.
  • Choose your colour. Brighter colours are great for casual shirts.
  • Choose your outfit. Jeans are a good casual piece to team with your shirt.
  • Layer your outfit. This is good way to add new dimensions to your outfit.



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