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Here’s How to Start Online Business in Malaysia in Just 1 Day

Friday, 15 July 2016


Are you tired of your day job? Being constantly doing the same thing over and over again, gets harass and scold by your boss frequently, and lost the passion, interest and patience in the things you are doing almost every day?

Well, maybe you are not the “employee” type of people. You can be an entrepreneur, just like many millionaires and billionaires today.

Dreaming you say? Well, if you don’t fight for your own dream, someone else will hire you to fight for their dream instead, right? Just like what you are probably doing now.

If you think it’s time to stop this boring life, and wish to start your own business, read on.

You may feel depress when you thought of the cost in order to start a business. Let me tell you, you can easily start an online business in Malaysia with just a little budget, effort and time. Of course maintaining it will take much more than your initial investment, but what you have now is already enough for you to get started!

So, how to start an online business in Malaysia in just 1 day?

When mentioning about online business, most people will think that “I just need to build a website and sell things”. That is not wrong, but there are actually a few types of “online business”.

So, determining what you want to “sell” and your business nature is the first thing you need to do to get your business online.

1. You will sell physical products, like phone accessories, through your e-commerce website
2. You will sell service that you are capable of doing, like painting, through your portfolio website.
3. You will sell other business’ products and take a percentage of the sales as your commission, something like an affiliate or reseller.

First, decide on which way you would like to conduct your online business in Malaysia, then you are good to go!

Business Registration, Business Name and Category

ssm-registrationTo start a “legal and valid” online business in Malaysia, you will first need to register your business with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia). Figure out which type of business are you actually operating.

1. Sole proprietor – you will run and manage this business alone, your business liability is also your personal liability. You can choose to register the business under your full name for RM30/year, or a business name like “Jumix Design” for RM60/year.

2. Partnership – you will operate the business together with 1 or more of your partners. All the partners are bound by the liability of the business. Take note that if one of your partner decide to quit in the future, your business will be abolished and you will need to register a new one should you wish to continue the business. Partnership registration is RM60/year as well.

3. Company – this is when things get complicated. If you would like to have a separate entity from your business, company is the way you should go. However, the fees and applications are more complicated than the 2 mentioned earlier. For further details and registration fees, kindly seek the help of a SSM officer.

Once you have decided on the type of business, decide on your business name. You can use a different name with your actual business, eg. You register “Tan Accessories Enterprise” with SSM, however, you can name your business “Tan Mobile & Accessories” in your website and it doesn’t matter. Visit any SSM branches or their portable counter to register.

Another important thing to take note is your business description and category that you write on the SSM registration form. Do not put any description or category that has nothing to do with your business. You might want to broaden your field a bit like if you sell Power Bank, you should put “Mobiles & Accessories”. If your business description in SSM registration is not relevant with your website, you may encounter some problems when you apply for payment gateway later.


Build a Website, Get Hosting, Domain Name and Email Addresses

Now you have a legit and proper registration of your business, you are set! You can now kick start your online venture by getting a domain name for your business as well as email addresses!

What is a domain name you may ask? Every website or internet business must have a domain name that people can recognize and remember. For example,, and that’s the domain name for Jumix Design!

As you have already registered your business and have your very own unique business registration number or ID, you can also register a domain which will looks more localized, relevant and credible in Malaysia.

Hosting in the other hand, is the disk space you need to “rent” on the Internet to store your files. As your website design and images are all files, you will need a place to store and display them, and that is where hosting come in.

You can basically get your domain name, hosting and email address from a Web Hosting Company, just sign-up for any Shared hosting package and you are good to go.

Design Your Website and Add Your Content


After your hosting and domain name is ready, which takes approximately 1-2 hours to activate if you pay by credit card (make sure to choose a reliable hosting company), you can then start designing your website and add in your content. If you have no knowledge in web design but is willing to try out on your own, there’s plenty of free html templates available for you to download and use. Alternatively, you can also use the Web Builder built-in with some hosting plans (some may have, some don’t). These web builders are usually easy to use, however, the design quality and your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) are not guaranteed!

If you are not sure what you are doing with these templates and builder, it is always advisable to outsource the design and development work to a web design company or freelancers.

Content wise, make sure you do not spam irrelevant information in your website. Keep it simple, clean and straight forward. Additionally, avoid using too many images which may slow down your website loading speed as visitors tend to quit a website which takes more than 7 seconds to load. Get a website speed booster if you want.

By law, all new online business in Malaysia should comply with the new Personal Data Protection Act 2010, so make sure to include the proper terms in your Privacy Policy page.

Once you have done adding all the essential content to your website, congratulations, you now have a working and proper online business in Malaysia and you did it in just a single day! Give yourself a big round of applause!

Advertising and Promotions


The common scenarios of new online business start-up is not getting sales and visitors. Well, you can’t expect people to come into your website automatically by just doing all the above, as even you are operating offline, you need to TELL people about it, right?

Hence, it’s the same theory as ANY online business. You need to advertise and promote to let people know about your business and the products or service that you are offering.

To advertise and promote your products and services online, there’s several methods. You can use the most popular methods like Facebook advertising, Google AdWords advertising, Email Marketing, SEO, Editorial post, Ads buying and so on, whichever that works best for your business nature. Offline advertisements like TV advertising may work too but it’s more expensive.

Now you’ve got it all covered. Stay passionate in your business and be persistent in your effort, you might become the next outstanding entrepreneur in Malaysia!

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