After becoming a wife and mother involved Hanez real name, Hanez Suraya Abdul Aziz , 31, a local drama industry is gone. Not want to quit acting, instead of a character through this drama has not received the green light from her beloved husband, Romie Adilha Razin Abd Rais to stay in the world of art.

The mother of Princess Aleesya this, although many acting offers are accepted, as long as the husband does not give permission, Hanez had refused.

“I never thought to quit acting. If we follow your heart really wants to continue acting because I love this career. Sometimes I wanted to go to the shooting location and longed to witness my own dramas.

“But I prefer the consent of the husband. Each time can offer, I will ask and explain to him first. Although he did not ask me to continue to stop but I knew the moment he has not been allowed.

“So I had to reject some deals I ever got before. As a wife, I can not accept it if he does not allow. But if one day he gave the green light, I will take the offer with joy, “said Hanez.

As a woman who is accustomed to working, Hanez admits he does not like to sit at home without doing anything. In this respect, Hanez lucky to allow her husband to do business.

“I’m currently planning to conduct business. This is because my husband always gives me support and encouragement for business. However, the plan is still under discussion. If there is no objection, I will conduct business related to fashion, “he said