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‘Ghost in the Shell’ trailer gets side-by-side comparison to original 1995 movie


AFTER a first full trailer for 2017’s “Ghost in the Shell” movie adaptation debuted, fans have been comparing it to the original 1995 cult hit.

Released over 20 years before 2017’s Scarlett Johansson film, the 1995 “Ghost in the Shell” helped popularize concepts and characters taken from the Japanese comic that inspired it. 

Cyborg special forces agent Major Kusanagi and her team are put on the case of an elite hacker whose activity is threatening the country’s security and stability. The manga and that 1995 adaptation explored man-machine philosophical theories in a technologically connected future.

Two animated TV shows, a video game, and several feature-length treatments followed — but the 1995 movie arguably had the greatest impact.

So with a first full trailer now available for Hollywood’s live-action version, fans have been making side-by-side comparisons with the material that inspired it.

Those comparisons show both how director Rupert Sanders sticks close to the original, as well as several apparent departures from its structure.

The fans has compared the trailer to its original anime to show off how similar or dissimilar the two are. Scenes like the shelling of Major Kusanagi, shoot outs in the street of the dystopian, futuristic city and even the title sequences are held up against one another.




It’s the trailer’s final stretch that perhaps hints at the new film’s greatest diversion, a change in motivation for Kusanagi, occupied with finding out who she was, pre-cyborg conversion: we see some sort of techno-monastery while a shadowy figure tells her that she has been living a lie.


Ghost in the Shell will be released worldwide on March 31, 2017.


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