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Gallery Latest Formal Shirt Men

Gallery Latest Formal Shirt Men


COLOR. Simply match the color of the pants that do not rely heavily on black and white only. Fill closet with other colors. Do not be swayed on hearsay and, where dark skin color does not suit you. Maybe there is, but if hitting his style, perhaps fittingly, no one tried to advance in “Fitting-Room”. Fabric recommended for darker skin color is not bright or striking extremes (eg young green shoots).

Most guys wilt often wearing only blue. Let’s see another color series, there are many options, try to see this topic – color shirt (plain color / 1 color only)

Girls pants were many changes of pieces of “regular” to type “slim-fit” .To select pants, for that bloated body was not supposed to be influenced this trend, you can try this type of pleated (folded in front) so do not seem like “cover jackfruit “are still in the category of slim fit. Slack pants type “flat front” under the picture of the ideal to which a little thin or stout. It gives effect to the wearer’s skinny.

Care slack pants must have if you want to rub a little skill, be sure to spatter water before rubbing the fabric from being damaged, especially the pocket (it will burn forming the seam lines on the fabric).

Finally accessories such as tie / tie. Trend Now, let’s tie widths. This new trend of not wearing a tie width

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