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Former Video Gamer Nerd Now a Cam Girl Making Up to $255,000 a Year


She used to spend her hours playing video games, but she has since turned her life around drastically.

Former self confessed nerd and tomboy Harriet Sugarcookie once lacked self-esteem and had trouble socialising with people.

She was also bullied in school in the past after moving from Vietnam to the UK.



The 21-year-old became withdrawn as a result. She’d spend hours playing games like Pokémon, Final Fantasy and Skyrim and often not leave the house for days.

Things however took a turn after a roommate posted a photo of her on Reddit.

Netizens took a liking for her photo, which prompted Harriet to post more pictures of herself.


She then built up a fan base and has since decided to make money by being a ‘cam-girl’, someone who poses for webcam videos.

Harriet Sugarcookie now has six virtual boyfriends and earns up to US$180,000 (S$255,645) a year after she embarked on her virtual career.

She uses most of the money to help take care of her relatives and put her cousins through school.


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