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F1 2017 season – Wehrlein joined Sauber

Sauber had reached an agreement to make Pascal Wehrlein as friend Marcus Ericsson coupling this season to lead the team challenge, paving the way for the riders Williams, Valtteri Bottas to fill in the blanks left behind Nico Rosberg in a Mercedes.

After several weeks of speculation about a replacement for world champion in 2016, Rosberg being bandied about, is now all the more obvious with the official agreements.

Although, Wehrlein become a strong competitor to grab an empty seat at Mercedes, but the lack of experience makes the team feel he is not fit to partner Lewis Hamilton.

Thus, Sauber Mercedes to make an application to the ‘edit’ the driver had brought their challenge for the 2017 season and the final details of the contract are expected to be finalized in the next few days.

Mercedes also has finished dealing with Bottas who will leave Williams, while Felipe Massa has agreed to postpone his retirement for Lance Stroll together to help the team.

The situation saw all the teams now have their riders unless Manor are still in the depths of the acquisition process and find new sponsors to ensure they continue to compete this season.

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