PCA decide after seeing China does not have historical rights to the ‘nine-dash’ as claimed by the state, thus giving the victory to the Philippines to challenge the claims of the country in a protracted dispute over the last decade.

Unfortunately, China is still ego in the issue and would not bow completely to the decisions made by PCA.


“This decision is void and has no force. China does not accept and will not recognize it.

“Beijing does not accept any means of dispute resolution by a third party or any solution imposed on China,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry after the results were announced by the PCA.

In fact, the Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin warned any party that the PCA decision will only trigger a larger conflict in the region and threaten air defense zone in the region.

According Zhenmin, Beijing has the right to build an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the area although the development was to authorize military action against China for foreign aircraft.

In fact, he said, the construction of the defensive zone depends on the level of threat received by Beijing and other countries can not take the chance to hurl accusations against China.