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Dry lips? No problem Adele has solution for that

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 :  The Grammy-winning songstress has a beauty must-have that’s so relatable. Before she puts on any lipstick, she coats her lips with Lucas’ Papaw Ointment for added hydration. And, she isn’t the only one. The product has a cult following, which we’ve learned also includes Jessie J.

The Australian formula, created in 1910, comes packaged in a red tube, and is commonly purchased by both men and women. Although it is used mainly as a lip balm, the product was originally created as an antibacterial and antimicrobial ointment, which can be used for sunburn, minor cuts and temporary relief from eczema.

Fermented Carica Papaya: The raw fruit is rich source of papain, a digestive enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C and antioxidants. These components cleanse and calm the skin.

Potassium Sorbate: This formula is used to preserve the enriched properties of the papaya.

Petroleum Jelly: The soft substance provides a glossy finish to the lips and softens the skin. This ointment is 96% petroleum jelly.

Gum Balsam Peru: A small amount of the Peruvian herb is used to add a pleasant scent to the product.
With over 100 years of production, we’re guessing that this popular lip balm is here to stay. For less than $10.

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