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Drake, Dev Patel and Other Celebs Who Totally Longbottomed


Friday, 13 January 2017: If you looking up “Neville Longbottomed” in the dictionary, well, you probably won’t find anything. Consider this our official notice to Webster and his cronies at the Dictionary factory. 


 To Neville Longbottom (verb): The act of a male celebrity pulling off an amazing transformation from nerdy to hot. Much like the butterfly, many actors start off as shy, awkward caterpillar, snuggled into their cocoons of nerdiness, only to grow to shed their skin and emerge a beautiful, hunky, sword-wielding man.  


Consider it just another injustice of the sexes that these guys have to do practically nothing to age gracefully, like a fine wine. But as we can do nothing to stop it, we instead study these transformations as the science experiments that they are. Matthew Lewis may have put the phenomenon on the map, but he’s certainly not the only one to shock us with their surprise makeovers.


Nicholas Hoult

About a Boy was a rough period for the future ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence. But, sure, it would be hard for anyone to stand next to Hugh Grant’s dimples and still come out looking okay. Luckily he, like, went through puberty and stuff, and it all turned out great. He got to date J Law after all.


Dev Patel

We know the point of his Golden Globes presenting gig was to ooh and aww at the cuteness of his Lion costar Sunny Pawar, but all we could think was holy crap is that what Dev Patel looks like now? This long hair is working for him. 



Drizzy’s transformation from nerdy Degrassi teen to full-on hunk is a tale as old as time, but it deserves to be told again and again. Sure, he still has a penchant for oddly-knit sweaters, but at least he fills them out a lot better now.


Tom Cruise

Hey guys, betcha didn’t know Tom Cruise used to look like this!


Zac Efron

We know that Zac Efron was widely regarded as a hunk-and-a-half when he first sashayed onto the small screen in High School Musical, but when we look back at him with our current knowledge of his hotness, we can’t help but laugh. If only our 2005 selves knew what a treat we were in for.

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